A tale of Friendship: Krishna and Sudhama. Click to read.

Lord Krishna and Sudama were best of friends in their childhood. They indulged in many mischievous activities together. They used to the forest to collect dried woods, trouble the gopis together, collect fruits and berries from other’s gardens. They were almost inseparable. But as the time passed, they had to lead different lives and take up different roles in their families.

Krishna married Rukmini and became a royal while Sudhama who belonged to a poor Brahmin family, married a simple girl, Susheela and became a householder. Sudhama led a simple life leaving the worldly pleasures and by worshipping Lord Krishna. He earned from hand to mouth and barely survived every day. Things got worse when Sudhama had two children and could not manage to feed them well.

Sudhama’s wife could not survive the grief and begged Sudhama to seek help from his childhood friend who had now become the king. Although Sudhama was reluctant, the worsening conditions made Sudhama helpless and he decided to pay Krishna a visit.

Sudhama demanded Susheela to pack some eatables to present to Krishna as a present. Not having any food grains in her house, Susheela gathered a handful of rice flakes put it in a small packet and handed to Sudhama.

Sudhama headed to Krishna’s kingdom. He was delighted with the thought of meeting his childhood friend. As Sudhama reached Dwarka, he was mesmerized by the majestic palace. He was highly enchanted by the opulence and grandeur of his friend’s royalty.

Seeing his friend, Krishna jumped off his throne and embraced him very cheerfully. Krishna then seated Sudama on his thrown and then both settled down to remember their days of childhood. Sudhama was shocked to see that being a royal as Krishna was, he remembered all of their childhood memories and fondly cherished them.

While talking, Sudhama tried to hide the packet of rice flakes that he had carried. Krishna understood his hesitance and himself grab hold of the packet saying” Dear Sudhama what is that you are carrying? I’m sure your wife has packed a delicious snack for me”

He took the handful rice flakes and enjoyed eating it thoroughly. Sudhama was astonished at Krishna’s gesture and felt thankful for having a friend like Krishna. Both the close friends spent some quality time together and relived their childhood memories. Sudhama spent 2 days at the luxurious palace and had great meals. Sudhama was awed at Krishna’s majesty and humbleness.

It was time for Sudhama to leave, Krishna bid his friend goodbye and requested another visit. As Sudhama walked back to his home, he recalled the time spent with his friend and was joyous. As Sudama reached his home, he was in a shock to his old hut replaced by a magnificent palace. As he walked towards the palace, he saw his wife coming out elegantly dressed in beautiful clothes.

His wife informed him that Krishna had helped them get away with their misery and blessed them with great wealth. Tears rolled down Sudhama’s eyes thinking about Krishna’s love and concern.

This story demonstrates that friendship doesn’t believe in rich and poor, it only seeks love and respect.