Despite all the mischiefs, mother Yashoda never tried to keep Lord Krishna under her control. Find out why?

Lord Krishna is the most famous among masses for his teachings to the mankind but majorly for his mesmerizing childhood. Lord Krishna’s childhood was majestic, influential and a part of Hindu folklore. The most beloved child of the whole Vrindavan, Krishna’s mischief is a tale to tell.

Krishna stole maakhan or butter from the pots despite them being kept at a high level. Krishna used to eat all the maakhan all by himself and the maakhan dripping from his mouth was a sight of innocence!

Krishna was infamous to of stealing the gopi’s clothes and hiding them while they bathed in the river. Although this act was very notorious, all the Gopi loved him and knew that he was a savior. Krishna proved that he was a savior when he rescued all the Gopis from where they were captivated.

Krishna was his mother’s sweetheart and Yashoda defended every prank of his. The famous songs of the Lord’s like “Maiya mori, mein nahi maakhan khayo” are an ode to the divine relationship between a mother and a son.

Despite getting complains from all the villagers, Yashoda never kept him in control. This is because she knew Krishna was not a regular human and she had no powers to keep him under control.

A story that tells how Yashoda mata knew that her son was not a regular child goes like:

Once, Yashoda was running after baby Krishna for one of his notorious act. She asked Krishna to open his mouth to see if he had eaten his favorite maakhan or not. As soon as he opened his mouth, Yashoda was taken aback to see the entire Cosmos inside his mouth. She was stunned, and but by a divine act, was made to forget what she saw as well as the enormity of the incident.

From then mother Yashoda never stopped her child from doing anything because she knew that he had divine powers and was on earth for a cause.