‘Radha and Krishna’ – An eternal Love Story

The love story of Radha and Krishna is an eternal bond that we swear upon even today for sanctity and purity of Love for a relation. The bond between Krishna and Radha is way beyond the superficial societal norm of a marriage.

There have always been debates on the relationship between Krishna and Radha. Were they married or were they, friends. A lot of explanations around their relationship have been given in their favor and also countering their relation.

Radha is considered one of the most elusive figures in the Indian literary work. There is a huge myth that Radha had no mention in the Mahabharata or any other ancient literary texts around that period.  It was only after Jayadeva Goswami’s Gita Govinda, her mentions began. Radha found a place in obscure passages or songs.

The relationship of Radha and Krishna has been debated not only on the basis of its morality but also on the basis of its origin and authenticity. The Gita Govind by Jayadeva Goswami illustrated the love story of Radha and Krishna very beautifully and it got celebrated throughout India. Radha is not revered as a woman, but a form of ‘Shakti’. Radha is also believed to be the personification of the divine feminine creator. Radha is believed to be one of the Gopis but her nature and divinity in the form placed her on the same pedestal as Lord Krishna.

In some south Indian scriptures, there is no mention of Radha thus adding to the mystery of Radha’s being. Some say that Radha and Krishna were not two individuals they were one! Radha was Lord Krishna’s passion and strength without which he could not prove his godliness.

There are many conflicting statements but despite all the arguable statements, the fact lies that Krishna and Radha are never worshiped individually. Radha and Krishna are always together!  

It is believed that “Krishna enchants the world, but Radha enchants even him.” This statement sums up one of the eternal love stories of Hindu mythology. The timeless tale of divine bonding between Krishna and Radha was seen as pure, and bound by a deeper and stronger spiritual connection which is free of any physical and bodily needs. Krishna and Radha’s love depicts unconditional and selfless love in true form.