The Story of Krishna and the fruitseller.

There’s a famous Fable about a fruit seller and Shri Krishna.

There was a very old lady who earned her living by selling fruits. One day she could not sell a single fruit and thus felt helpless. She was going from house to ask calling out to sell the fruits.

The very young Krishna, listening to her voice came out and inquired about her. She said” Son, I am in a problem. Nobody is ready to take any of my fruits. The baby Krishna said, “I will take all your fruits and your troubles will end.”

The lady said,” Will you be able to give me money?”

Krishna very innocently replied, “What is money?”

Listening to such an innocent reply, the lady’s eyes were filled with tears. She said ”Whenever you take something from somebody, you have to give something in return, that is how the whole system works”

Krishna contemplated for a while and then walked towards her, sat down on her lap and said, “ you can take me in place of fruits” The lady was full of tears of joy and felt the divine energy all through her body.

Krishna stood up and went inside his house and quickly came back with some food grains in his small palms with an endearing smile, Krishna gave her the grains. The fruitseller was moved by the innocence and majesty of the small child in front of her. She took the handful grains and gave Krishna the fruits.

The old lady went to her home thinking of the divinity and charm of the small boy. After going home, she looked at her fruit basket thinking it was empty, but to her surprise, she found that the empty fruit basket was full of precious jewels.

That is when she was convinced that the boy was not an ordinary child and that realized that she had seen God in the small boy.


The story tells us that:
If we give something to Krishna selflessly, he gives it back many folds.