Why and what should you do on a wednesday to have a blessed life. Read on to know.

Indian mythology dedicates each day of the week to a certain deity. It is believed that worshiping that deity on that day of the week is very fruitful.

Wednesday of every week s dedicated to Lord Vitthal. Vitthal is an incarnation of Lord Vitthal has many followers in the state of Maharashtra. He is worshiped with conviction in the state of Maharashtra. Lord Vitthal is worshiped by performing a small puja at home. The green color holds significance in the Puja. Lord Vitthal is worshiped by placing Tulsi leaves in front of his idol.

Wednesday is said to be the day of blessings, any new venture is begun or any job that has been on hold is resumed on this day. Wednesday is also the day of couples. It is considered to be a day to pay utmost importance to one’s spouse.

Lord Krishna is also worshiped on Wednesday. Fasting on this day is compulsory. Some people keep fast on this day to seek blessings from gods. As Wednesday is a day dedicated to family, mostly husband and wife observe fast together. Couples facing problems related to childbirth are often advised to observe fast on Wednesday as it is said that Lord Vitthal blesses with a progeny.

Wednesday also has astrological importance. It called as Budhwar. Budh represents the planet Mercury. People facing problems with the placing of the planet Mercury in their stars are advised to observe fast on Wednesday to please the Budh planet for their wellbeing. Mercury generally believed to be generous and compassionate and hence it doesn’t take many efforts neither many rituals are needed to be performed to ward off the ill effects created by mercury. The color that is usually worn is green!

So this Wednesday, worship Lord Vitthal for prosperity and wellbeing.